Top Hair Accessories For You To Choose

Often when it comes to a perfect hairstyle, most of us prefer to highlight it with a great hair accessory. The best thing about hair accessories is that they don’t require a lot of work and talent to come up with a stylish hairstyle. With an amazing hair accessory you can easily achieve a super stylish hair do. There are different types of hair accessories for your hair can make all the difference in turning a boring look into a brilliant one.

Here are top 10 hair accessories for you to choose: 

Hair accessories


You can spice up a ponytail, bun or braid by adding a bow.  Even better, you can make them yourself or buy one that has a clip at the back for the easiest application possible!

Hair Clips

These standard items can be a surefire way to spice up your favorite hairstyles. From a traditional ponytail to wearing your hair down and straight with a side part and a cute clip, the possibilities are virtually endless. These hair accessories are available in a wide array of colors and designs. They work for all hair textures and most lengths, and they can hold large amounts of hair for a long time.

Embellished Headband

Whether it’s with faux feathers, ribbon, bows, or lace, headbands are simply beautiful!  Headbands are no longer just for those trying to grow out their bangs but can be added to dress up a ponytail or to accessorize an up do.  Regardless of your hair length and personality, you can easily find a head band that will suit your hair style.


Fascinators come in countless styles, sizes and colors which allow you to express yourself and your own personal style. Mostly seen at more formal events such as weddings but nowadays people even use it during any festive occasion.

Wide Headband

A really quick and simple answer to your hair accessory needs is the wide headband. A wide headband is something that you can wear with just about anything. They come in an assortment of colors, and designs so you can get them to match any kind of outfit, be it formal or causal. You can wear them with your hair down or even pulled back and it offers a really polished, cute look. Also when you don’t feel like styling your hair, grab a headband for the instant fix!


Barrettes are another way to go whether you want to wear your hair pulled back or maybe if you are trying to grow your bangs out, you can clip them out of the way and still look good. These also come in a variety of colors, and some have cute accessories on them such as flowers or stars.

Head Wrap

Long hair looks great on everyone, and to keep the hair out of your face you can use a head warp. This kind of hair accessory offers a quick and easy way to do your hair at a moment’s notice. Also if you are looking for a more vintage look, then you must surely try a head wrap. These can be made of materials such as tulle and chiffon.

Hair Scarf

Hair scarves have made a huge comeback, and you can get them in really pretty designs. Head scarves come in myriad colors and patterns, available in solids, polka dots, and of course, leopard prints. Elastic located at the back of the accessory allows the headscarf to fit securely yet comfortably. If you have long, straight hair, these can really add something to your look. Even those having curly hair can also use them. 

Mini Claws

Mini Claws are great to use even if you have shorter hair. You can pull just a small amount of hair back, and these are great accessories because they come in different designs and colors and are very cheap.

Hair Comb

If you’re already using a lot of other accessories, you might want to keep it simpler in your hair by just using a comb. These can be used to sweep one side of your hair up, and you can get them in plain colors or sometimes they come with jewels or crystals on them for a more formal look.

To conclude it is time to add a few hair accessories mentioned above to your collection in order to come up with some exciting and interesting hair styles.

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