Time To Dye Your Hair With Natural Henna

When it comes to hair coloring or dyeing, there are many people who look for natural ways. Henna is one natural herb that can be used to color your hair without worrying about the side effects. The reddish brown color on hair that one gets with henna is impressive and beautiful to look at.

Scientifically popular as ‘Lawsonia Inermis’, henna is a kind of herb that usually grows in very hot climates. It has high coloring properties that offer reddish orange color when it comes in contact with the keratin present on hair shafts. It is totally safe to use henna as it contains no chemicals or bleaching elements.


As henna is not a permanent dye it will never change the color of your hair. Henna will coat the hair shafts with a reddish orange color. The color of henna dye mostly depends upon the natural color of the hair. For instance, those having black hair will have a slight reddish sheen on their when seen in direct sunlight. In the same way blond or gray hair will turn into brilliant orange and brown depending upon the hair shade. When henna is used to dye hair it results in soft, shiny and healthy hair.

Various Benefits of Henna

  • Henna increases the life expectancy of hair by repairing the hair cuticles. When hair cuticles are healthy you can enjoy healthy hair growth and shiny hair.
  • This natural herb also fights again hair loss by balancing the pH level of the scalp.
  • Henna is also helpful in treating various scalp problems such as dandruff, extreme dryness and so on.
  • Henna also stops premature graying of hair.
  • It is also an excellent natural hair conditioner that makes your hair silky and soft.
  • It makes the hair strands strong when used as protein treatment for hair.
  • It is a natural hair dye that gives a beautiful red color to your hair. The best part is henna is not a permanent hair dye.
  • Henna can be used to cover gray and white hair.
  • It also makes curly hair more manageable.
  • Henna is a natural herb that is easily available and at the same time affordable too.

Instructions to use Henna on Hair:

  • First you need to take some powdered henna and make a paste of it. You can add henna powder in yogurt with few drops of lemon juice or plan water to make a paste. The paste must be kept at room temperature for ten to twelve hours before you apply it on your hair.
  • Now wash your hair properly and allow it to dry naturally. It is better to apply henna paste on slightly damp hair.
  • Next comb your hair properly and divide your hair into different sections as it will become easy for you to apply henna on your hair. Otherwise it can be very messy.
  • Now with the help of a brush start applying henna on your hair. It is better to begin from the root area and slowly move towards the end. First concentrate on one section and move towards the other section. In case henna paste starts rolling down on your face or neck, wipe it off with a tissue paper or cotton cloth.
  • Apply henna thoroughly on your hair and scalp and pile all you hair on top of the head and cover it entirely with a shower cap.
  • Allow the henna to remain on your hair for three to four hours to get best results.
  • Once the henna paste becomes dry, rinse your hair thoroughly with water. It will take some time to get all the henna out of your hair.
  • Finally it is time to shampoo and condition your hair. Allow your hair to dry naturally to enjoy extra shine and glow in your hair.

Some important tips:

  • While making the henna paste, you can add some sugar in it for a smooth texture.
  • For those having extreme dry hair, must oil their hair properly before applying henna on their hair. This way your hair will not become dry and there will be ample moisture on your hair.
  • Always wash the henna out of your hair properly otherwise your scalp will become itchy.
  • When applying henna always out on your old clothes so that when henna dips from the brush it does not spoil your clothes.
  • You can mix henna with asparagus, basil or other herbs for hair growth.
  • If you are using henna to condition your hair, then you must apply henna on your once in two months.
  • If you are using henna to dye your hair, you must apply henna in every fifteen days. After two or three application you can apply henna only on the hair roots from when hair comes out.
  • If suffering from dandruff, mix fenugreek seed powder in your henna mix. This is a useful anti-dandruff formula.
  • You can add a few drops of lavender essential oil or peppermint oil in your henna paste to enjoy a shiny hair with a beautiful fragrance.
  • Always wear gloves when applying henna to protect your hands and fingernails from getting dyed.

To conclude, using henna on hair has many advantages as compared to chemical dyes and hair colors. So, if you are looking for natural ways to color your hair, you must try henna. Henna is natural, affordable, easily available and at the same time hundred percent safe to use.

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