Hair Coloring Secrets You Should Know

Your hair and hair style always play a vital role in how you look. This is one reason why people often experiment with their hair in order to accentuate their look. When it comes to experiencing with hair, hair coloring is one of the most popular options that people choose. In fact, you can change your entire look by coloring your hair or by adopting a new hair style. Out of these two, coloring your hair is probably the easiest one to have a new look almost in no time.

You can color your hair using two different types of dyes, namely- permanent and semi-permanent dyes. You may have different variations for the two types also and each of the type has their own advantages.  It is very essential to understand both the types before making a final decision.

Hair coloring

Let’s have a close look at the two dyes:

Permanent Dyes:

To get the best result from permanent dyes, you need to mix the dye content with hydrogen peroxide. This will help to open the pores of the hair so that the dye can reach to the root of the hair, making the color more natural and permanent. Different types of hydrogen peroxides are available in the market.

Semi-permanent Dyes:

These dyes do not last long and continue to fade away with time. In about 20 hair washes, the color will fade away completely. As the color fades away quickly this is a good option for those who are confused as which shade to choose or wish to simply experiment with their look for a few days only. There are different color shades available in this category.

Apart from permanent and semi-permanent dyes, there is one more option available in the market. It is semi-permanent vegetable dye. This kind of hair color is made with only vegetable extracts, so that it does not cause harm to your hair. This color is even less permanent than the temporary colors as it will fade away after only 8 hair washes.

Popular hair color shades:

Always keep it mind that the color of your hair must look like the color of your skin. Here are some popular hair colors that you can choose:

Red: This sexy hair color is perfect for those who are fair-haired. When selecting this hair color opt for a darker shade as it will enhance your personality.

Blonde: This type of a color definitely looks good but it is not very healthy for your hair. So, before choosing this hair color it is advisable to consult a hair expert.

Brown: This is the safest color of hair for everyone. You can choose your shade of brown from many options available in the market.

Black: It is always easy to use this hair color as it will give your hair its own natural color.

What hair color you should use?

Both permanent and semi-permanent hair colors are good but semi-permanent colors give your hair shine and bounce. However you should choose a color that will complement your skin complexion. Also always remember that it is not necessary that what suits others will also look good on your skin tone. To make the right choice, always consult a hair expert.

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