For Thicker Hair Drink Juices

Thick, long and lustrous hair reflects beauty and hence it is the desire of many women to have thick hair. For thick hair, you need to follow proper hair care regimen plus a strict diet plan. When it comes to diet plan, it is not possible to eat health and nutritious food through out the day. But you can give the essential nutrients to your body for proper hair growth by drinking juices. Continue reading

Top Secrets Behind Long and Thick Hair

It is true that hereditary plays a key role to enjoy long and lustrous hair. But this does not mean that if there is no one in your family having thick, long and shiny hair, then you also cannot have long and thick hair. The texture and health of your hair depends on many more factors along with hereditary. For instance, a proper hair care regimen, proper diet plan, regular physical exercise, proper rest and so on can give you amazing results.

With the right handling and maintenance, you can own long and thick hair.

Continue reading

4 Temporary Ways to Get Rid of Facial Hair

Facial hair looks good in men but for women this can be a curse. No female wishes to have visible facial hair as it can spoil their beauty. Well, if you are a female having facial hair, there are many temporary as well as permanent ways to get rid of them. While the permanent methods like laser treatment or electrolysis can give good results, these methods are very expensive. Spending a huge amount of money on removing facial hair may not be a suitable option for many. Continue reading

Know Which Essential Oil to Use on Your Hair

Since ancient time, people have been using essential oils onto their hair. Even today also hair experts highly recommend using essential hair oils as such oils can treat many hair problems. However, you must not make the mistake of applying essential oils directly to your scalp or hair. Such oils need to be diluted with some carrier oil to avoid any kind of irritation or allergic reaction. Always go for a patch test before using an essential oil. Continue reading

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