5 Tips to Enjoy Healthy Hair This Winter

Now that the winter months are here, many people complain about dry, dull and brittle hair. The cold temperature, snow, chilly wind and use of heaters inside the house can cause huge damage to your hair.

To make sure the winter elements do not take toll on the health of your hair, you need to take good care of your hair.

Proper care will help you maintain healthy, beautiful hair this winter season.

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Make Your Own Dry Shampoo At Home

Dry shampoo has become a favorite hair care product in the last few years. This product makes your hair look clean when you do not have the time to wash it and saves you from a bad hair day. The basic idea behind that concept of a dry shampoo is to put an oil absorbing substance on the oily parts of your hair to absorb the oil and leave it looking clean.  Dry shampoo is also very helpful if you are planning to style your hair in the middle of the week.

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Easy Tips to Manage Hair Breakage

Hair breakage and hair fall are two different things. Hair fall happens when a hair strand has reached the end of hair growth cycle. When hair falls out naturally it opens up the path from a new hair growth from the root by starting the hair growth cycle again. On the other hand, hair breakage is not natural and it clearly indicates towards damaged and weak hair. The main characteristics of hair breakage are broken hair with blunt ends.  Continue reading

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