Beautify Your Hair With Beautiful Accessories!

Healthy hair is not just enough; you need to style it in a proper manner. Women go for different types of hair styles to make their hair look beautiful, to highlight the features of their face or to suit their dress. When it comes to hair styles, you need different kinds of hair accessories such as beads, pins, hair clips, bands and so on to adorn your hair.

Beautify hair

Here is a list of some popular hair accessories:

Hard head bands:

This is a very popular hair accessory for females as it holds the hair securely and does not allow it to fall on your face. This is one accessory that can go well with modern as well as classic clothes. You can buy a simple head band in different colors or go for one having extra features on such as some jewel or flower. In fact, there are many styles of head bands for you to choose that match your taste and preference. No matter which style you want, head bands look feminine and extra stylish.

Ruffle hair bands:

For many hair styles you need to tie your hair which can be easily done with an elastic hair band also known as ruffle. These small round bands can keep the ponytails and braids in place for hours. As these small bands are found in a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes you can choose one that suits your dress color and personality. It is important to buy one on nylon or silk. Avoid buying one made of rubber as it can cause hair loss.


No matter what age group you belong to, clips will always fascinate you. In fact clips are the most simple and easy way to beautiful hair! Clips allow your hair to remain in place and at the same time render a cute look. In the market you can find bow-shaped clips, retro clips, simple colored clips, crystal hair clips, rhinestone hair clips and so on.


For curly hair, no hair accessories can be better than beads. It is a quick way to style your hair that looks colorful and stylish. You can buy different types of beads to choose from to suit your braided, twisted or straight hair. Colorful beads look good on children hair, while tonnages and adults can opt for delicate glass beads, wooden beads and metal beads for a more formal hairstyle.

Bobby pins:

Bobby pin also known as hair grip or kirby grip is usually made of metal or plastic. This small clip is used to hold hair strands and hairstyles in place. Bobby pins are very handy for hairstyles such as a bun, French twists, hair bumps or simply putting the hair half up. In the market you can find you can find both plain as well as elaborately decorated or jeweled booby pins. You can even add your own bead on a bobby pin before using it on the hair.

Hair comb:

When you wish to pamper your hair and give it a royal touch, you need to buy a hair comb. Any hair style will look good if highlighted with a hair comb. There are simple as well as exquisite hair combs in the market for you to choose. You can use such hair accessories on buns or ponytails to give your hair style an extra decorative touch.

Crystal tresses:

When tiny crystals are attached on an invisible strand and then used for styling your hair it simply creates a shimmering effect. This hair accessory is very simply to use as the strand can be easily attached to the hair with the help of two small magnets. It is so easy that even a small child can easily attach and remove them. Crystal tresses are available in different shades of color such as Diamond (Clear), Pink Ice, Peridot, Ruby, Sapphire and Tanzanite.  

Hair claws:

Hair claws can open and shut with the help of a clasp at the top. This hair accessory is used to keep the hair in place for a quick hair style and also for creating elegant hair styles. Hair claws are available in a wide variety of colors and designs and sizes to suit the preferences of all age groups. 

Hair sticks:

Hair sticks have been used in Roman, Greek and Egyptian cultures for hundreds of years, and today also it is as popular as in the past. People use this kind of hair accessory to hold their hair securely in various hair styles such as a bun, chignon or a simple Fresh twist. Along with simple and plain hair sticks, you can also find one designed with gems, dangling charms or ornate cut designs on the ends.

Some tips for buying a hair accessory:

  • Hair accessories must be at par with the event or the occasion you are attending. For instance you cannot wear a jeweled and sparkling hair accessory to attend an office meeting.
  • Also hair accessories should be chosen keeping in mind the season and time of the event. You can wear bold colored hair accessories during winter days but definitely not to attend a summer event.
  • Hair accessories say a lot about the fashion sense of a person. So try to matches with your personality and make you a style icon.
  • You must keep in mind that hair accessories are for enhancing your look and features. So you need to buy one according to the shape and size of your face. In no way it should overpower your face.
  • When buying a hair accessory keep in mind the color of your eyes and your skin tone. With the right accessory you can make the viewers notice the beautiful features of your face.

To conclude you can dress up your hair with different types of hair accessories to look trendy and smart. But when it comes to accessories for hair, always buy something of high quality and material as the wrong one can hamper your hair growth.

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