4 Temporary Ways to Get Rid of Facial Hair

Facial hair looks good in men but for women this can be a curse. No female wishes to have visible facial hair as it can spoil their beauty. Well, if you are a female having facial hair, there are many temporary as well as permanent ways to get rid of them. While the permanent methods like laser treatment or electrolysis can give good results, these methods are very expensive. Spending a huge amount of money on removing facial hair may not be a suitable option for many.

But there is no need to worry as there are some temporary ways also to get rid of facial hair. These methods are safe as well as effective also.

Facial hair

Here are the four temporary facial hair removal methods:

  1. Plucking: You can remove some of the more prominent facial hair through the method of plucking. In this method tweezers are used to remove hair from the follicles. The method of plucking is suitable for removal of unwanted hairs on the chin, between and under the brows. However, this method should not be used for removing hair located on the upper lip. For plucking, first clean the skin area with a cotton ball soaked in a mild antiseptic solution and then held the tweezers securely and gently pull the hair one by one. The process will take time. Another drawback of plucking is that here re-growth of hair happens with time.
  2. Threading: It’s the most common and the oldest method of removing facial hair. Here a thread string is used to remove the unwanted hair from areas like the upper lips and the eyebrows. The method is quick, uses no chemicals and is generally inexpensive. However there are certain drawbacks like the procedure has to be repeated periodically and frequent threading can cause skin irritations. It is highly advisable not to do threading on areas having pimples or acne.
  3. Waxing: Another popular method to get rid of facial hair for up to six weeks is waxing. It can be done at home or you can get it done at a beauty salon. With the help of waxing strips unwanted hairs are removed with one swift pull.  Waxing is suitable for smaller areas like the chin and area above the lips. Waxing can cause extreme redness, scabs or burns if you have sensitive skin.
  4. Depilatories: There are some hair removal creams available in the market that can be used to get rid of unwanted facial hair. Depilatories are strong alkaline products that break down the keratin bond in hairs, dissolving them beneath the surface of the skin that can be easily wiped off.  Results will only last for a couple days at the most. Also bear in mind that as such products contain harsh chemicals it can burn your skin, especially the delicate area of the face.

Keep the pros and cons of the above mentioned ways in mind and then choose the right method for you. Also bear in mind the thickness, location and rate of facial hair growth while choosing a method.

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